The Vision

Phase One  
Phase One of the project is illustrated by an architectural  master plan which divides the Sail Harbour project area into four complementary but discrete zones:

The Island – A luxurious and exclusive eco-resort community featuring 27 floating villas, each equipped with a private dock set amidst natural mangroves and swaying palms. Villas include one Presidential Villa, one Grand Suite, six duplex Couples’/Family Villas, and nineteen Double Villas with convertible sleeping arrangements. The island’s facilities include a restaurant area and central pool, a sunset bar and pool, the club lounge, a library with outdoor tea terrace, a business centre, a children’s playground with pool and a large gymnasium featuring a spa and yoga area. Island infrastructure features a dedicated solar panel area, water treatment facilities, and (pending survey) a mini hydro power plant.

Mainland Riverfront – A drinking, dining, and public entertainment area catering to both resort residents and day visitors, featuring a bar and lounge, swimming pool, live music stage, tennis courts and boat dock and landing. Back of House areas – located on both the mainland and island. Moba Riverfront – potential future gateway to private villas on the Peninsula. 

Phase Two  
Phase Two could significantly expand the scope of development in the area. Prospects include the design and construction of private villas, an equestrian centre, and an organic agricultural community on the mainland as well as nature trails, beachfront accommodation and further facilities on the peninsula.

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