The site for the proposed Sail Harbour Resort Community is located near the village of Ago-Ajo, on Badagry Creek, just west of Lagos, Nigeria. Distance to the Sail Harbour site is 40 minutes by speedboat, or (currently) 2 hours by car, from Lagos and the airport. A highway, currently under construction, is expected to be completed in the next 1-2 years and it will significantly decrease the travel time by car.

The site presently includes a 13.7 hectare island in Badagry Creek, as well as a 38.5 hectare parcel on the adjacent mainland. Badagry Creek is a tidal estuary, part of the Lekki Lagoon system, a tidal mangrove ecosystem supporting rich aquatic and bird life. A low sand peninsula separates the creek from the Atlantic Ocean, 960 metres to the south. Both the island and mainland receive the benefit of cool sea breezes.

The current site encompasses Ago-Ajo village on the mainland, but the project area could be enlarged to include Moba Village on the southern shore of Badagry Creek, as well as a fishing village on the Atlantic seafront and the land in between. A site spanning the mainland to the Atlantic Ocean would comprise an area of roughly 80-100 hectares.

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