Landscape Concept

The principal aim of the landscape design is to preserve the natural beauty of the island, and the surrounding riverside. The savannah approach to the perfect ‘Gold Coast’ beach has been preserved too. All swimming pools and auxiliary buildings – pavilions and service huts – have been designed in such a way as to ‘nestle’ into the river grasses and mangroves.

Conservation is the keynote. The central poolscape is designed to re-create a lagoon-like atmosphere, with grassy banks and shade trees, excellent for having lunch under. Likewise the beach club has pergolas – both on the beach and in the grassy coconut groves nearby – for maximum enjoyment of the ocean beach scene. Adjacent to the island─on the river's banks, where a traditional village which is home to most of hotel’s workers─mangoes, guavas, papaya and other tropical fruit trees can be found. The island and the beach club are connected by a one kilometre bush walk which highlights the indigenous trees of the Lagos basin.
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