Sail Harbour Resort Community is a luxury resort situated on a serene island in Badagry Creek, just west of Lagos State, Nigeria. Surrounded by clean beaches on the peninsula side and rich in indigenous vegetation, it is an unparalleled oasis of calm and natural beauty. Inspired by the intimacy and native charm of south-east Asia’s “sea villages”, the resort will comprise 27 exclusive floating villas,  luxuriously appointed and with a wealth of recreational, eating and drinking facilities. Cocoon yourself in the tranquillity of a private retreat or indulge in one of many world-class activities on offer, from snorkelling, diving and nature walks to sailing and deep sea fishing. The resort also represents the ideals of social enterprise. Based purely on the concept of sustainability, it will support a range of local developments and community projects. Sail Harbour Resort... a return to nature where comfort and a commitment to conservation go hand in hand.

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