Alternative Livelihoods
A major component of the Sail Harbour Resort Community project would be to develop alternative livelihoods for residents in the project area. The eco-resort will offer many and varied opportunities for introducing new skills and careers to the local villagers through onsite training and work, including resort staff positions (kitchen, housekeeping, gardening, wait staff, security, maintenance, etc.), boat pilots, tour guides, farm workers, and craftspeople (weavers, thatch roofers, woodcarvers, artisans, etc.).

Organic Agricultural Community
The introduction of an organic farm on the mainland would have multiple benefits. In addition to providing a local source of fresh produce and livestock for both the resort and local villages, the creation of a farmer’s market could generate income for locals. New crops could be introduced to the area, offering a more varied diet and better nutrition for villagers. Efficient and sustainable farming techniques would be disseminated locally. With the direct participation of the villagers, a portion of profits could be, literally, ploughed back into the village and land.

Community Upgrades
The Sail Harbour Resort Community project presents further opportunities to benefit local residents. Schools could be upgraded, both through the donation of books and funds by guests, and via a Visiting Teacher Program. Additionally, a “Sponsor A Local Student” program could be developed and offered to guests of the resort. A community-based boat company could be formed: in addition to serving the logistical needs of the resort, it could shuttle students from Moba village and the fishing village to school and back. A medical clinic could be established, utilizing visiting volunteer medical professionals to provide medical examinations and treatment and to educate villagers through seminars on health and basic first aid.
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